Versatile, first-ever iPad-based drum controller

The Simmons Stryke6 Drum Controller is the first-ever iPad-based electronic drum control device that can also be used to trigger a variety of DAWs and sample programs with any USB/MIDI computer. Enjoy instant gratification or play “on-the-go” when a full size kit is not available. This small footprint controller is the size of a laptop and features six drum pads plus kick and hi-hat pedals. And it couldn’t be simpler — plug-n-play with your iPad (or USB/MIDI computer). Works straight out of the box. And with the free and fun, downloadable Simmons Stryke Drums app (available at the Apple App Store), you can immediately play drums, jam to tracks, or take drum lessons in an engaging video-game environment.


• Versatile, first-ever iPad-based drum controller
• Can also be used with any USB/MIDI computer
• Ultra-small footprint with 6 velocity-sensitive drum pads
• Access to a wide range of sounds
• Kick and hi-hat pedals provide a real drum playing experience
• Works with most MIDI applications
• Free and fun, downloadable Stryke Drums iPad app (from the Apple App Store)
• Learn to play drums in an engaging, interactive environment using app-based tutorials and the color-coded pads
• Includes drum sticks and connections for Lighting and 30pin iPads and USB

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Product Review – – January 2015

EMusician Gear Review - Simmons Stryke6 - January 2015

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