Simmons SD1200 Review
by Digital Drummer Mag

The SD1200 is, without doubt, the best Simmons kit of the new era. It looks good, is well built and sturdy and includes many of the must-have features – dual-zone mesh pads, dual-zone chokeable cymbals (three-zone ride with decent bell response), the ability to import samples and a reasonably quick module (latency is just 5.7 ms).

Simmons SD1200 Review and Demo
by Phil Boland

“This kit looks and plays really good, guys!”

“Simmons has this rack design thing down… and these drum triggers, not only do they look great, but they feel great too!”

“I’ve put some good time into playing this kit, and I can tell you it feels really good to play on… If you’re in the market for a new kit, this has to be on your must-try list”

Simmons DA2012B Drum Amp Review
by 65 Drums

“Overall, I really like what they’ve got here. I think the pricing is pretty good, and yeah, I think it’s worth buying.”
1. Well-Rounded Sound
2. Lots of 1/4″ Inputs
3. Bluetooth
4. Gets Very Loud Without Distortion
5. Can Mount On A Speaker Pole
6. Very Good Price

Simmons SD600 Review and Demo
by Greg Kocis

“This is a really cool kit and I’ve spent hours playing, recording and making cool sounds with it.

An electronic drum kit at this price point is typically geared towards beginners, but I got to say this is definitely a bang for the buck and I think even seasoned pros will enjoy playing this kit for practicing, rehearsing and even in a live situation.”

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Simmons SD600 Review and Demo
by Phil Boland

“Most of the drum sets on here are really good acoustic kits that you would use, and the electronic kits they have, I think they picked some of the better electronic sounds, or ones that you would most likely use if you were gonna play a song.

If you are in the market for a kit in the $500 range, I think this is one that should be on your list!”

Simmons SD2000 Review and Demo
by Rick Stojak

“It has the playability and dynamics of an acoustic drum set, but it still has the super cutting edge look.

For all of you drummers who are living in apartments or condos who need a quieter drum kit that is headphone compatible, or drummers looking to be more creative live, this kit is for you.

This thing is supper powerful and super fun. You have a lot of creativity at your fingertips. It really has all kinds of potential, melodically and compositionally. This is a lot of drum set right here!”