Simmons SD1500KIT

Full Size 6-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

With a versatile 6-pad configuration, plus 4 cymbals and hi-hat controller, the Simmons SD1500KIT is maxed out … right out of the box. In addition to the exceptional sound library and V.A.R. technology from the SD1000 Digital Sound Module, it provides cymbal pad chokes and 22 separate trigger zones.

The SD1500KIT also features triple-zone snare, floor tom and cymbal pads. The rugged new kick pad stand and heavy-duty hexagonal drum rack provide superior playing stability.

Simmons SD1500


  6-piece electronic drum set plus 4 cymbals (2 crash, triple zone ride, and hi-hat)

  10 total pads, 22 specific trigger points on the drum pads

  New Simmons multi-position hi-hat pedal

  Triple-zone snare pad & floor tom — center and rim sensor for rim shot and cross stick samples

  Triple-zone ride — bell, bow, edge plus choke capability

  Dual-zone toms with membrane sensors

  Dual-zone crash cymbals with choke capability

  SD1000 sound module with 99 drum sets, 516 sounds and 210 songs
    – Custom Sound Library and 7-track programmable sequencer
    – Variable Attack Response technology

  New heavy duty hexagonal drum rack with die cast aluminum hardware and memory lock mounts

  New kick drum stand with high-stability legs, and a large kick pad surface that supports single and double pedals


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