Simmons SD5XPress

5-Piece Full-Size Electronic Drum Kit

The Simmons SD5Xpress is a full-sized electronic drum kit with four drum pads (one snare; three toms) and three cymbal pads. Built around the SD5Xp Digital Sound Module with 10 drum sets, 107 drum sounds and 40 drum patterns, the SD5Xpress is perfect for beginning or aspiring drummers who need a quiet kit for rehearsing.

It’s also great for practicing, performing or recording without breaking the bank. Features include a sturdy aluminum rack, stable clamps and adjustable pads, so you can set up the kit just the way you want. A multi-pin cable harness ensures quick and easy set-up, as well as clean and efficient cable management.

Simmons SD5Xpress


  5-piece, full-sized kit configuration

  Four 7.5″ drum pads

  Three cymbal pads: hi-hat, ride and crash

  Includes kick pedal and trigger

  SD5Xp Digital Sound Module

  10 preset drum kits, 107 drum sounds, 40 preset patterns

  Easy-to-use controls

  USB/MIDI out, Aux In for MP3 players, Stereo line level out, Headphone out

  Rugged aluminum drum rack

  Easy to use, ultra-stable clamps

  Adjustable pads for personalized configuration


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