Electronic Drum Monitor System

One of the challenges for today’s electronic drum players is finding a high quality, dedicated sound system that’s truly portable. The solution is the Simmons DA350 Electronic Drum Monitor System. This complete system provides 350 watts of Class-D power (1100 watts peak) via a 10″ subwoofer and two 4.75″ satellite speakers.

The built-in mixer offers three independent channels that you can balance down to a stereo mix, plus a 2-band shelving EQ that helps sculpt your overall tone. The substantial 10″ subwoofer with level control delivers low-end power, while the two satellite speakers can be positioned near your cymbals for improved sonic imaging and accurate detail.

The highly configurable DA350 also features built-in Bluetooth® audio so you can play tracks from any mobile device for practicing, performing and more. The DA350 is specifically designed to travel easy with speakers that cleverly tuck away into the subwoofer cabinet for effortless portability from bedroom to studio to tour bus.

Simmons DA350


  350 Watts RMS (1100 watts peak); Class-D power

  10″ Subwoofer and two 4.75″ satellite speakers

  3-channel Stereo Mixer with 1/4″ inputs for multiple sound sources

  2-Band shelving EQ provides complete tone control

  Subwoofer level knob dials in the perfect amount of low-end boom

  Aux inputs and Bluetooth® audio

  Weighs only 60 pounds for easy transport

  Includes stands and stand-transport bags


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