Simmons SD100KIT

Compact 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

The Simmons SD100KIT 5-piece electronic drum set provides a bigger-than-expected sound from such a compact footprint, fitting neatly into your jam space, bedroom or home studio.

The SD100KIT includes plenty of professional drum sounds, and includes 10 built-in present songs in multiple styles and one user song for practicing.

You can also plug in your MP3 player to jam along with your favorite songs with the SD100 sounds. It’s the ideal kit for drummers short on space or for first-time players.

Simmons SD100


  Sound module includes, 10 drum kits, 179 sounds and 10 songs

  Simple, easy-to-navigate interface

  Simmons SD100 drum pads provide great feel and easy playability

  1/8″ TRS line stereo output

  1/8″ TRS line input for MP3 players

  USB MIDI connection

  Robust multi-pin connector to pads for easy setup and breakdowns

  Integrated sturdy tripod stand with stable 3-point design

  Drum bar with snare, 3 toms and drum module

  Hi-hat control pedal and integrated kick pedal/trigger


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