Simmons SD2000

5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads

The Simmons SD2000 Mesh Head Electronic Drum Kit is engineered as a sound design tool for today’s modern drummer, providing unprecedented creative control far beyond what traditional acoustic and electronic kits can offer.

As an expressive musical instrument, it offers an unparalleled palette of one-of-a-kind, signature sounds with incredible playability and on-the-fly control.

The Simmons SD2000 delivers the cutting-edge looks, feel and sounds for the contemporary musician.

Simmons SD2000


  Advanced Tension-able VAR Mesh Heads
The SD2000 is the first Simmons kit to feature advanced, tension-able mesh heads with variable attack response technology for expressive performance and nuanced playability. Each SimHex® drum is fully adjustable to personal playing positions thanks to the revolutionary Spherical Isolation Mounting System™ (SIMS).
The Simmons SD2000’s triple-zone mesh SimHex snare allows for even more creative triggering options, while the low-profile rubber rims provide a superior, natural playing angle.

  Drum & Cymbal Sizes
        11″ triple-zone mesh SimHex snare; center plus 2 rim zones
        Three 9″ dual-zone mesh SimHex toms
        9″ mesh SimHex bass drum with non-slip stand
        13″ dual-zone, choke-able crash cymbal
        15″ triple-zone ride cymbal
        12″ hi-hat
  Optional SD2000 Expansion Kit adds another 13″ dual-zone crash cymbal and 9″ floor tom

  SimHex Drums and Cymbals
        Tension-adjustable mesh SimHex heads with variable attack response technology for expressive performance
        Low-profile rubber rims provide a superior, natural playing angle
        Advanced triple-zone snare offers additional triggering options
        Dynamic control of filter, resonance and decay for expressive sound control
        Highly responsive multi-zone cymbals
  HEXX™ Rack
        Strongest anodized aluminum rack with diecast mounts on the market
        Spherical Isolation Mounting System™ (SIMS) provides greater custom drum placement and less crosstalk


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