iPad-Based Drum Controller

The Simmons Stryke6 Drum Controller is the first-ever iPad-based electronic drum control device that can also be used to trigger a variety of DAWs and sample programs with any USB/MIDI computer. Enjoy instant gratification or play “on-the-go” when a full size kit is not available.

This small footprint controller is the size of a laptop and features six drum pads plus kick and hi-hat pedals. And it couldn’t be simpler — plug-n-play with your iPad (or USB/MIDI computer). Works straight out of the box.

Simmons Stryke6


  Versatile, first-ever iPad-based drum controller

  Can also be used with any USB/MIDI computer

  Ultra-small footprint with 6 velocity-sensitive drum pads

  Access to a wide range of sounds

  Kick and hi-hat pedals provide a real drum playing experience

  Works with most MIDI applications

  Learn to play drums in an engaging, interactive environment using the color-coded pads

  Includes drum sticks and connections for Lighting and 30pin iPads and USB


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