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World Percussion Drum Sounds

Drum close up percussion drum close up

Sounds of the Percussion Kits

Percussion from around the globe

Simmons wants to widen the creative possibilities for drummers beyond standard drums.

Besides electronic and acoustic drums we sought to build a wide library of percussion sounds from all over the globe.

We sampled a lots of classic Latin instruments like congas, timbales, maracas as well as more esoteric sounds from countries with plenty of percussive instruments such as Gamelans, Djembes, Udu’s, rainsticks, Chinese opera gongs, bodrans, berimbou, tables and more.

Playing world percussion

Simmons believes that not only drums can be played on an electronic kit.

You’ll find many wild, new, percussive sounds such as vocals from a Balinese monkey chat, or Native American pow-wows and many more to use to experiment with.

Playing world percussion
African Drum

Africa Percussion

Asian gong

Asia Percussion

two indian drums

India Percussion

playing a latin drum

Latin Percussion

native drum

Native Percussion

Hear Our World Percussion

recording sound on a bucket


Following the same philosophy about world percussion, Simmons also thought about the street drummers who play everything from a bucket or boat horn to a dumpster for creative new sounds. Many of these sounds can be used to augment your regular kit sounds to get a new sound of your own.

It’s amazing how expressive this part of the library can be. We hit and smacked a lot of stuff to widen the palate of sounds for musicians.

recording sound on a bucket